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Our Story

Los Angeles based Mimi Jacobs founded Pink and Blue Co. in September 2015. This business owner and mother of two scoured the web for countless hours, looking for something which she felt would honor the two most important people in her life: her children. Mimi hunted and hunted but nothing she found quite matched her vision. so she decided to get creative and make it herself.  She wanted to capture the moment of her children’s births on a piece of jewelry so she could carry the two of them with her every day.

The hopeful entrepreneur came up with a concept and design, then she approached her eldest who worked in the fashion and accessories industry.  Together, mother and son made Mimi’s vision into a reality.

Today, she proudly looks at the bracelets, which she wears daily, and says “Together forever!”  This was her dream, touching her heart and bringing her children close even when they’re not there.  What she didn’t really expect, though, was the notable amount of interest in her creation.   Family, friends and even random strangers were intrigued by bracelets so she decided to share her vision, personal creation, and symbol of love with everyone.  

Mimi hopes, by her jewelry, to make this feeling of family togetherness available to other parents, grandparents and families.  Pink and Blue Co. will personalize with any child’s name, birth date, birth weight, birth height and time of birth.  Her creations are beautiful and unique reminders and celebrations of the most important gift -  Family.